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Family First Fitness

Proud partners of the American Dairy Council & 
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Our mission is to improve the health of our nation and world through a family commitment to fitness.

We are committed to reversing the pandemic trends of obesity, childhood obesity, and diet-related diseases. Overcoming this public health crisis requires a three-step combination.

Step 1: Making health a family commitment.

We must transform the present culture. Our F3™ approach changes the paradigm and empowers families to grow healthier, together.

Step 2: Making health an academic and professional necessity.

We must take a holistic approach to health and fitness. Schools and the workplace must take pride in providing healthy environments.

Step 3: Making health a national priority.

We must change policy at a governmental level.



Family First Fitness (F3™) takes a holistic approach to health and fitness, focusing on not just the physical, but the nutritional and psycho-social aspects as well.

F3 provides fully comprehensive programs that entire families can participate in and enjoy together. Anyone from an obese individual to a professional athlete will see the same amazing results, regardless of their age.


F3: The Original

The holistic heath & fitness program for entire families.



The Workout Breakdown


Workouts are only 20-minutes in length, consisting of a 5-minute warm-up, 10-minute exercise portion, and 5-minute cool-down.

The program's foundation combines Plyometrics and Tabata - proven to jump start the metabolism in the shortest time possible.

Our program uses 3 boxes of varying heights. The boxes can be used to make exercises harder or easier, depending on how they used and what size you choose!



Each workout is broken down into intervals. The intervals consist of 30-second cycles, and participants have the option of choosing from a beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels of integration.



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Online Streaming: 
The YouTube Package



90 Unique Workout Videos on Private YouTube Channel

3 Wooden Plyometric Boxes

Virtual Nutrition Guide

Weight: 60 lbs. - Free Shipping


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Coming Soon:
 The Enhanced Package



90 State-of-the-Art and Unique Workout Videos on DVD

3 Professional Grade Plyometric Boxes

Fully Comprehensive Nutrition Guide

Poster Workout Calendar

Research-based Positive Psychology Guide



On-Site Opportunities

(New York Capital District)


Private Personal Training - athletic training - Group Fitness Classes

All workouts are by reservation in our private fitness studio, on-location, or in the convenience of your own home.
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F3: The Sequel

The holistic health and fitness program for more ambitious families and individuals.

(Coming Fall 2016)



The Workout Breakdown


The Sequel is a more challenging program that requires no equipment.

Workouts are only 20-minutes in length, consisting of a 5-minute warm-up, 10-minute exercise portion, and 5-minute cool-down.

Building on the foundation of The Original, The Sequel also focuses on Tabata - proven to be the most efficient method to jumpstart the metabolism. Intervals consist of 30-second cycles with beginner, intermediate, and advanced options available.

90 Professional and Unique Workout Videos

Poster Workout Calendar

Fully Comprehensive Nutrition Guide and Research-Based Positive Psychology Guide

No equipment necessary! Just pick the Tabata interval that works best for your fitness level, and go!




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Client Results & Testimonials



Dan Pechtel

"I thought I was too fat to exercise. Guy showed me just how wrong I was. Guy showed me what I could do and that I'm much more capable than I ever thought I was.

My advice for anyone who feels like I did is simple: Call Guy. He really cares about what he does."




Scott Havens

" At my heaviest I was 640 pounds. My first 140 pound loss came from walking in a pool because that's all I could manage. However, when I hit the 500 pound mark my progress stopped completely for months. I was in such a rut. I was ready to quit...but then I met Guy. Now my progress has never been better. F3 is the only program I could have ever done and I want nothing more than to see Guy bring F3 to every family across America."


Meet Your New Trainer!

Guy Waltman

Guy is a certified personal trainer, weight-loss specialist, group fitness instructor, and youth fitness specialist. He is also a motivational speaker and coach for the NFL's Fuel Up to Play 60. Guy has developed F3 to focus on Family, Education, and Fitness - the three priorities that Guy believes are essential to health and wellness.

Guy's passion stems from the incredible bond he had with his father - who tragically lost his life due to metabolic disease.

Under Guy's leadership, F3 hopes to forever be a source of guidance for those seeking positive lifestyle changes, while promising to fight for those who cannot help themselves.