Youngest Customers in the Business

Take a look at the sea of marketing messages next time you go down the cereal aisle at the grocery store… Dora the Explorer, Master Yoda, Fred Flintstone, Shrek, and other cartoon characters we see on T.V. are all present, each and every one of them claiming to be part of a nutritious breakfast. 

The first major problem with this is that many of these types of items are not nutritious at all. In all actuality, there is more sugar in “breakfast” cereals than there is in most candy bars. This doesn’t stop food industry giants from claiming it to be healthy on T.V., though, and when coupled with your son or daughter’s favorite childhood hero, i.e. Tony the Tiger, it is no wonder we get that inevitable tug on the pant leg – begging to buy it. 

Making Health a Family Commitment

It is no secret that we have a massive public health crisis in this country. I’m sure many of you have heard that obesity alone costs the U.S. over $190-billion each year in healthcare and medical expenses, and $0.5-trillion in diet-induced health complications, but allow me to throw some other facts at you. Over 50% of this financial burden is a result of people who are of seemingly healthy weight – a phenomenon called T.O.F.I (thin on the outside, fat on the inside).