AGE 20


"Working with Family First Fitness has been incredible. I lost eight belt-notches, four pant sizes, and over 35 pounds in just 60 days! Guy makes it possible, and this program has easily integrated itself into my every day life. I can't imagine my life without it. 
I absolutely love it."

-Matt Feibert


Throughout my adult life I have struggled with my weight. At its highest I weighed 179 pounds. There is nothing more motivating than results, and that is exactly what this program gave me. After 90-days I am a proud 129 lbs. and have maintained it! It was a gradual change in my body, but an instant change in how I felt. Guy always says that it is a change in lifestyle, and he is right. This is no quick-fix scheme. It’s real.
— Ravae Quonce (Age 26)

My wife and I have been doing the the family fitness challenge for 30 days now. I have lost 10 lbs, I feel great, and my clothes are not as tight.

As a professional and family man, I have little time to exercise. My wife’s mother and sister were both overweight diabetics who died young, and both my parents are type 2 diabetics, so we wanted to turn that trend around for our family. My wife and I do the workouts together and motivate each other. I find the workouts to be enjoyable and have found myself missing them on days off. I would recommend F3 to anyone, of any age.
— David Lange, Pharmacist

“My son Nick trialed the F3 program and it had an amazing impact on him. Guy brought out in him the confidence that he so desperately needed! He learned quickly and was EXCITED to workout each day! He wanted to feel the burn and was so proud of what he accomplished. His vast improvement was made possible because Guy earned his trust. Nick has become a strong advocate for F3 and the Dunham’s will gladly tell anyone that time invested in Guy’s program is time well spent!”
— Michelle Dunham, mother of Nick (Age 9)

My son, Ian, tested the F3 program over the summer and loved seeing how he improved each week. Guy is very motivational and his genuine love for fitness is infectious. After completing the trial, he was in better shape and felt better about himself. He cannot wait until the final product is launched!
— Ruth Cote, mother of Ian (Age 12)

Working with Guy has been great. Guy played sports in school and knows what it takes for us to get better. He relates to us. The program worked for me and a lot of my friends.
— Daniel Brownell (Age 12)

I joined F3 because I knew it would provide me with the intensity my fitness regime needed, while on an express-tight time schedule. By the end of week 2, I was able to drop 5 lbs and had incredible energy throughout my day.

This program not only delivers efficient and effective 20 minute workouts, but it was also created by a very genuine, knowledgeable, and professional person who had put a substantial amount of time and energy into designing a scalable workout routine based on his abundant knowledge on science and nutrition. That person is Guy Waltman - someone who is capable of directly influencing the quality of my days and of many others.
— Meryem Amrani

When beginning the 90 Day Challenge, I was a little doubtful of its efficacy. Once I got into doing it, I was hooked. I started noticing changes in my body within a few weeks and noticed an increase in my energy and mood. I’ve had a few people notice that I’ve toned up and they are astounded to learn that the workouts I’ve been doing are only 20 minutes a day.

One of the things that makes this program unique is how scalable it is. I usually work out with one of my friends who is in much better shape than I am. Despite this, we are both able to do the entire workout together. This is because this program is designed to adjust to different fitness levels. I can do the shorter intervals and use the smaller boxes while my friend does the longer intervals with the larger boxes.

Overall, this program has lived up to and surpassed my expectations. I’m very excited to continue working with Guy and to continue seeing results.
— Catherine Stith, College Student
LOVE the program!! Guy is a FABULOUS trainer!!! So incredibly motivating throughout the ENITRE workout!!!
— Helene Schmid, USA Cycling Level 3 Coach, USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach, ACE Personal Trainer

I’m not one to frequently exercise, but I can honestly say that I enjoy these workouts. 20 pounds lost was a whole lot of confidence gained!
— Angela Binion (Age 22)

Family First Fitness’ programs have easily been the best workouts of my life. The workouts are so short, extremely effective, and the meal plan is a great compliment filled with easily obtainable goals and flexibility.

I appreciate that the exercises are not incredibly complicated. The workouts can be rigorous but utilize movements that people do every day.

Guy is a 5-hour energy in human form. You just get infected by his enthusiasm and energy. Guy is the only trainer that makes me EXCITED to workout. I realize I may sound like a sales-rep, but I recommend it to everyone and anyone. It is so incredibly simple and easy to incorporate into your life.
— Michael Adam Smith, Trial Participant (Age 24)

I wrestled varsity throughout high school and have done martial arts for years, so I consider myself to be in great shape. When Guy approached me to try his system, I’ll admit, I was pretty skeptical. I couldn’t imagine a workout that short being very effective. But simply put, it works. You get out of the workout what you put in, and it will definitely give you a killer workout. It’s quick, it’s effective, and it works - even if you’re in great shape.
— Adrian Camaj, College Student (Age 20)

The first thing I noticed about Guy was his very friendly and comfortable personality, with fantastic rapport. As an athlete he did a great job of challenging me using a Tabata set that could be scaled to meet anyone’s personal fitness needs. He is a great trainer - both knowledgeable and motivating - and I would recommend him to anyone!
— Rachel Allen (Age 20)

Like everyone else these days, I am a very busy person. I don’t have time to commute to the gym multiple times a week, nor do I want to use their showers. Family First Fitness’ program has allowed me to find the time to workout again, and better yet, from the comfort of my home. After just six weeks of dedication, I feel stronger and more agile both physically and mentally. The best advice I can give to a new F3 family member is to set a goal, push yourself, and enjoy the ride. Because you are going to LOVE the results!
— Sam Laufer (Age 22)

Guy’s workouts are phenomenal! In just 20 minutes, you can complete an easy-to-do, feel-good workout that will jump start your day and metabolism. As a college student working 40-hours a week, I don’t have time for traditional workouts. Before working with Guy, my options were to change my schedule, or to just not work out. The F3 90-Day Challenge allowed me to work out, while keeping my schedule and my “regular life.” Everyone has 20 extra minutes in their day, and Guy has taught me how to use that time wisely, and invest it to make my body stronger and healthier.
— Luke Rafferty, College Student

The F3 program is a great program with easy to follow exercises. I have tried the Shaun T T25 workouts and thought they were a little too intense, especially for someone who is out of shape or substantially over weight. The actual movements in T25 are often too hard to perform, whereas in the F3 program the movements are much easier yet still challenging if you want them to be. F3 can be for people of all shapes and sizes; young and old! This is not the case with other home fitness programs, like T25. The exercises in F3 can be modified if needed which is great! With F3 one can never say I don’t have time to workout - it’s only 20 minutes. Even though it’s only 20 minutes, I feel great immediately after!
— Crysta-Anne Cline



In just 14 days, JahQae obtained the following results:


"JahQae has a lot stacked against him that most other kids don't have. If he can do it, anyone can. Guy has forever changed my son's destiny."

-Mrs. Johnson, mother of JahQae

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